My Self Care Routine & Tips As A Mom of Two

Sharing my self care routine and self care tips to get through self quarantine (social distancing) as a busy mom of two. It's difficult to get in time to myself as a mom of two; a busy toddler and a newborn. Let alone while social distancing and quarantined at home in a small condo.

This is how I make it work. Hopefully it inspires you to take time for yourselves. Mental health has been a topic of discussion for awhile and now more than ever, it's important to recognize and understand the state of our own mental health. Being isolated from others can bring on a negative headspace. Try and take whatever moments you can in your day to look after yourselves. I recommend starting with reducing vulnerabilities: Treat any physical illness, eat (nourish your body and avoid restrictive eating patterns), avoid toxic people/things, sleep (try to rest whenever you can) and exercise (to get those endorphins pumping).