What It's Like Living In A Condo In Montreal City

An apartment tour of our 800 sq ft condo in downtown Montreal. I take you through a virtual tour of our living space. Our condo is located in an ideal location downtown. It's a two bedroom modern luxury apartment that boasts beautiful views of the city and has a bright airiness to it all day every day. We're a family of four living in less than 1000 sq ft condo. We live here with two children, a toddler and a newborn.

Originally we're from Toronto, so it was quite a change coming to Montreal. A city that's a lot more laid back and socially focused. People here enjoy taking their time at cafes - whereas in Toronto we were used to cafes being a place you grab your coffee to go. Here, people like to sit and talk to one another. It's a more family focused city too. There's lots to do for a small family like ours. 

800sq ft may seem quite small for some people, but it's perfect for us. Especially with the bright and large windows. They let in so much light all year round. I appreciate the views we get from our condo as well. One that faces the city scape and another the saint lawrence river. Both absolutely beautiful to look at. We also manage to capture some really stunning sunsets.

Get the full scope over on my video: