How To Take Care Of A Newborn Baby (Newborn 101 Guide)

Let's talk all things newborn. Welcome to parenthood! It's a whirlwind from here on out and as a first time parent especially, things can get a little overwhelming. Been there, done that. You don't have to go it alone though. I've put together an extensive guide about how to take care of a newborn baby - newborn baby 101. A baby care guide that takes you through A-Z of all baby things and gets you from sad baby to keeping baby happy.

I'll go over all things newborn with you: how to feed a newborn, how to start tummy time with your newborn, how to burp a newborn, how to resolve common newborn dilemmas like; a gassy baby, colic, reflux, eye infections in newborns, cradle cap, eczema, cleaning the umbilical stump and more. I went through this twice now and with each time I've picked up more and more information and ideas as to how to look after a newborn baby as best as I possibly can. 

I've learned a lot between both my babies and I experienced basically everything under the sun in terms of newborn baby issues. It was a lot on myself as a first time mom and I didn't see much from others about the things I was dealing with. I remember thinking, "Why does my baby cry so much? Is this normal?" It felt really isolating.

I don't want anyone to go through that, so I'm here to share what I've learned through my experience in hopes that it can help you through any struggles you may be dealing with as first time parents.

Time stamps:

0:38 EASY method (eat, awake, sleep and you time)

1:04 breastfeeding (how to breastfeed a newborn)

1:35 formula feeding (how to bottle feed baby)

2:10 burping (3 ways to burp a newborn)

2:50 How to start tummy time and when to start tummy time 

3:10 Newborn sleep

3:48 cradle cap

4:33 fingernails (how to deal trim them)

4:52 eye infections and cleaning the umbilical stump

5:17 eczema

5:35 how to clear a diaper rash

5:55 reflux

6:19 colic (how to calm a newborn baby)

6:48 the calming reflex

7:00 swaddling a newborn (how to swaddle baby)

7:40 gas (how to soothe a gassy baby)