Toddler Activity For Fine Motor Skill Development
Learning to use fine motor skills is essential in a child's overall development. It's (unfortunately), common these days that a child will have some form of delay in the field of fine motor skills. 
I can vouch first hand as a mom, that it is pretty stressful when your child falls behind in these skills. If you've found yourself here, then I'm willing to bet, that like myself, when your child faces any obstacle or delay, you begin researching ways to help them.
Well let me tell you, you've come to the right place. I have spent a lot of time and money learning what type of activities and skills best foster a toddler's fine motor skills. One of the activities my child struggled with was learning to pour things from one container to another.
His hands would shake rapidly. He would become so frustrated and cry when the water would spill on him, that he refused to try any daily activity that required that skill. It was difficult on him and myself as a parent tending to all his needs.
rainbow of coloured water in small cups
This activity makes pouring fun. I like the rainbow of colours - and don't worry it's non-toxic. I used food colouring and water to create this pretty pallet.
You don't need fancy equipment to set this activity up either. Which is another important factor for me. I don't have all the time in the world as a stay at home mom or should I say work from home mom of two. 
I took a little food colouring and created these cute little 2 ounce measurements of coloured water.
Then I gave my son a clear tupperware to mix all these beautiful colours together by pouring them in gently.
He loves this activity and I have to say I've seen an immense improvement in his overall grasp, his ability to speed and slow pour with precision and to take this activity one step further.
I had my son then scoop the mixed coloured water with a measuring cup back into each 2 oz container. And that really tested his hand eye coordination and grasp - using his thumb to maneuver  his wrist just so. 
Pinching his thumb helps improve his overall grasp, but also prepares his to hold objects like a pen, marker or scissors properly. We practice this activity a few times a week and it works very well for us.