Modest HIjab Friendly Pregnancy Lookbook

You don't need to invest in maternity clothing. Style your bump, while keeping it stylish, comfortable and on trend to last way after baby is born. This is my second pregnancy and I don't buy specific maternity clothes. I'm a muslim mom and so I wear the hijab.

If I spend on clothing, I intend for it to last me as long as it's in style. So, I opt for neutrals, spend on essential wardrobe basics and look at quality over quantity. I don't need a 100 over sized pregnant camis. I want a durable coat, good quality jeans and well knit sweaters that'll last till next fall when I'm running about after my 6 month old and toddler.

You really just don't need to buy maternity clothes and I'll take you through how I go through pregnancy without needing to buy maternity clothes. The key is to invest in the right materials I find.

Another challenge to overcome is how to keep it modest to fit my hijab standard. I am fully clothed and I like for my clothing to also express myself. I am by no means a style or fashion blogger. These looks are totally my own and they're what helped me feel most comfortable with my growing bump and body.

These are all the pieces I shared in the video. I purchase all my hijabs in this video from: Use code "cool10" for an extra 10% off at checkout :)