My Pregnancy Transformation As A Hijabi

There's something mesmerizing about watching 9 months of someone's life whoosh by. Especially in a physical manifestation like pregnancy. 

I wasn't in love with pregnancy the first time around. Not because I wasn't over the moon to finally be pregnant, but because it was the hardest thing I had ever done - up until that point anyways. I had a rough pregnancy: hyperemisis gravidarum, placenta previa, bedrest due to a constant bleeding and then RhGam shots due to my negative blood type. It 

When I became pregnant again and it was a different experience, I understood how people enjoyed pregnancy. It wasn't an easy pregnancy either, but I had my first baby with me, so I felt less anxious. I had HG again, but less severe than before. No bleeding. No pains like the time before. It was a great pregnancy.

This is a glimpse into that journey.


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