A Day In The Life Of A Muslim Mom

I share regular day in the life of a muslim mom over on my vlog channel: coolbabymama.

I like to share what I do on the day to day as a muslim mama. I know I sound like a broken record, but the point is to show that I’m really not that different than your average stay at home mom.

I hope that by sharing my days, I’m able to help break down preconceived notions about my faith that others have. I want others to see a hijabi and realize we aren’t a threat to anyone. We’re just going about our daily lives and worshipping God.

Another thing I’d like to see happen, would be to have a wide audience – not exclusive to other muslim women (though I do love and appreciate the support). Reason being again that I’d like to expose others to my life to break down stereotypes, but also, I want to encourage more diversity. It really makes no sense that only a muslim would subscribe to my content. I’m not a preacher, I’m a mother and I share content related to motherhood.

That being said, I also follow people from all walks of life. So I don’t understand when people are reserved from following my content based on religion alone. It’s actually discriminative.