Toddler Spring & Summer Fashion

A quick haul of everything I got for my toddler boy. I get so annoyed when people complain about dressing baby boys or toddlers. It's really not that bad. I actually really enjoy dressing my boys. For me, I take it as a challenge to be more creative with how I style them.

Most people tend to shy away from patterns, textiles or colours when they have boys and dress them in all black, grey and pale blue. It's fine, but uninteresting, to me. I take clothing as a form of self expression. My toddler son has  such a vibrant personality. He's funny, sweet and charming. I try to dress him in a way that shows that. I put him in cute graphic tees, which I like to pair with a nice denim jacket or leather jacket. I like light wash jeans, black pants and khaki sweats.

I look for things that would be comfortable for him, but also make him happy.