A Day In The Life Of A Muslim Mom

We spent the weekend in our home city, Toronto. Spending time with family, two flat tires, lots and lots of food and a trip to the aquarium later and we still didn't do everything. It was a busy weekend. Follow along and see what we got into.

Here in Canada we had a long weekend thanks to Victoria Day. We took the opportunity to visit our families and see some places we haven't been to in awhile in the 6. It ain't easy travelling with a baby or toddler, for that matter. I usually distract him by bringing a toy with many components and hand him parts of that toy as he gets bored with another (like blocks - momlife). I also try to make sure that we are stopping frequently. For two reasons, the first being that I want to make sure he doesn't get a diaper rash and so we change him often. The second is that I want him to get good circulation and a chance to stretch, to avoid cramps and other things that may cause him to fuss later on. So far, he hasn't had a diaper rash and hasn't been fussy upon arrival.

Now you may have seen that we had a flat (two, to be exact). I didn't focus the vlog on this, because I don't want that one negative thing to be the whole of this weekend trip. It was a good trip, a little stressful with the flat tires, but we managed and had a good day anyways. I think it's pretty easy to get caught up in negative events, but if we do, then it can take away from the good ones too and with a baby in tow that stress is amplified times a 100. So instead, my husband stayed with the mechanic (which was a blessing, because he was technically closed, but opened just for us!) and I took Suleiman to the Woodbine Centre Fantasy Fair. He loved riding a merry go round and train for the first time. It was a great way to make the most out of a tough day.

After all that, we did manage to see our family and it was such a good time. We live away from both our families, so when we get the chance to get together, it's a big thing. We didn't get to see everyone, because our families are quite big, but hopefully next time we will make a longer, proper visit to see all of them and our friends in the GTA. Lastly, I made sure to share the food. Now eating on camera isn't my forte (unlike my husband - he makes great food vlogs), but it's starting to grow on me.It's a halal food mukbang of sorts. Especially this Ramadan 2019 where I've had difficulty coming up with iftar ideas for ramadan. What do you think of it? AS a hijabi girl, I tend to change my hijab styles often. So you'll see plenty of that as well. Our roadtrip vlogs are a little shorter, but I'll definitely try to get better at that, because driving with a bay/ travelling with a toddler ain't simple. So this video is a day in the life accumulated sort of thing. Hope you enjoyed our family vlogs and stay tuned for more! If you've read this far, please be sure to like, comment and subscribe. It means the world to me. Join the Youtube fam :)