Real Day In The Life Of A Pregnant Muslim Mom

Come along with me during a busy day in the life as a pregnant muslim mom in the city with a toddler. I take you through what it's really like living in the city as a mom with a young child while pregnant. Here's a hint: it's not that easy. Anyone who asks, "What do you do all day?" to a stay at home needs to know one thing. Everything. I literally have to do everything all day, every day.

I pray 5 times a day, so my day starts with prayer, then I have to start my day again when my son wakes up. By the time I started recording, we were on our way to one of the only 2 times a week I get to myself when I drop my son off to a community drop in daycare program. Before I even started rolling the camera, I had already prayed, woken up with my toddler, changed him, fed him (twice), bathed him and myself (because some times that's the only way I can shower at all lol), fed and taken care of our cat, dressed us both, had lunch prepped for my husband and then rushed out the door to drop him off for the very rare 2 hours I get to myself - where I mainly focus on getting things I'm behind on done or go to scheduled appointments for this pregnancy.

This is a pretty real portrayal of what my days look like in snippets, minus the 2 hours to myself, because I don't get them and that's why I even had the opportunity to record today. Keeping a toddler preoccupied and happy 24/7 is not an easy task.