Halal Food Travel Guide: Walt Disney World's Epcot

An in-depth halal travel guide through Epcot. As a muslim family, we decided to take a trip to Disney World. This is how we navigated through and found places to pray and eat halal and kosher food.

In this vlog, I spent the day by myself taking my son around Epcot and guess what? It was so much fun.

If I can do it, you can too!. Here's the thing, Disney can be intimidating and Epcot may not be a place you'd consider taking a toddler to and boy, oh boy would you be missing out! Like you, I thought that Epcot was mainly for food and drinks and wouldn't offer much for young children. Turns out that I was wrong. Which is why I booked that last minute ticket to go.

First things first, which rides are best for toddlers at Epcot? We did Living With the Land. It's an in depth boat tour looking at agriculture over the years and where it's headed. Everything grown on this "ride" is used just above at the Garden Grill Restaurant (indoor with AC and a view of the ride). The ride itself has AC, which makes it worth the fastpass and visit with a toddler. My son loved it. He was looking at each display intently and quietly sat there enjoying the boat ride and interactive story.

The next is Finding Nemo, located right next door. I think it's key to go to rides that are within distance of each other. It's a ride that takes you through the movie in quick and quirky snippets. Really fun, also has AC and my son found it very funny. Especially Crush swimming through the current with Squirt. Right near here is something called Turtle Talk With Crush. A screen show that is interactive with that fave turtle, Crush, from Finding Nemo. It's another hit with toddlers and also indoors with AC. (I mention AC, because Orlando is hot in the summer, the humidity is something you HAVE to take into consideration. Trust me, I underestimated it.)

Another great ride is Spaceship Earth, it's located in the iconic Epcot circle dome. It's another indoor ride, that's interactive and takes you through our history of learning in a fun and insightful way. I actually learned a few things on this ride. After each of these rides is a play area with games and more. It's a great place to let little ones run around and get some of that energy out. I found this tactic best, because he didn't have as many tantrums or meltdowns, aside from just the short one he had right when we arrived at the park (I think that was because of the heat. He calmed down as soon as I took him to the first ride).

That being said, I think it's imperative to get your little one out of the stroller and running around in a cool place with lots of toys to help them manage that frustration of being hot and bound to a stroller. My son actually also enjoyed walking through each country in the World Pavillion as well. I took him around each country and we looked at each one, grabbed some snacks and ice water (free and a must to survive). My fave was Katsura Grill and Kringle cafe. Definitely recommend scoping them out while you're there.