Halal Food Travel Guide: Animal Kingdom Walt Disney World

A halal travel guide through Disney World's Animal kingdom. This is a travel guide perfect for muslim families. We travelled while I was pregnant and with our toddler son.

Let's start by saying, what toddler doesn't like animals? Disney knows they do and so there are TONS of attractions here that are kid friendly and keep them happily entertained. Between the rides and shows it's pretty difficult to leave here bored. In our experience, we recommend using fast passes on things that get you into AC, because Florida is hot come summer and we mean hot!

So the key is to use fast passes on rides that would else wise leave you waiting out in the heat. We had a half day (due to flying in that day and limited time for travel). So we decided to use the first to meet the legends themselves Mickey and Minnie Mouse at the Adventurer's Outpost. This technically didn't need a fast pass when we went, because the lines were short, but on a standard day, definitely fast pass. You get AC, to meet M&M and if you have a photo pass then you'll get some great pictures with the bunch. The next thing we did was Up! A Great Bird Adventure (a show). This was outside, but midday it was tolerable and in the shade. The wait was hardly anything and stroller parking was readily available outside. The show is about 25 mins. Then we head on over to do the Kilimanjaro Safari, but unfortunately couldn't board.

Be sure to read their exceptions before booking a fast pass (rookie mistake). So instead we hopped on Rafikis Trains and enjoyed a shaded train ride through the park. Suleiman got to nap as well. It takes you to a petting zoo, but we missed the last show (since he slept). The petting zoo has goats, pigs, chickens and sheep. The it takes you back on the train through the park again.

I would highly recommend trying the foods at Animal Kingdom. You'll find African, Asian and Middle Eastern themed foods around here and for those with dietary preferences, be sure to check the MyDisneyExperience app and request these things in advance (as we did). If you're last minute planning, just ask directly at the stall. Some times others request it and so they may have some available (which was also another thing we were fortunate about - Kosher more commonly than Halal was readily available at most counters). I think that can usually be a challenge in most travel, finding halal food options, but Disney is quite responsible in that they offer many halal options (upon request through the app). It's best to always plan ahead and the app made it very easy to do so. Learn more: https://go.magik.ly/ml/pdlt/ For more Muslim Travel content, be sure to check my channel. Here you'll find Disney tips specifically for those with babies and toddlers.