Day In The Life Of A Hijabi Muslim Mom

 I share what a day in my life looks like as hijabi. If you're new here, salam (peace) and welcome. I share what muslim motherhood looks like living in Canada. In this vlog I shared a real day as a mom to a busy toddler. My son, Suleiman, definitely keeps me busy. 

On this particular day I was fasting Ramadan. As a muslim, I fast the month of Ramadan, a month in the lunar calender. It is one of the five pillars to fast. In my family, it is tradition to break said fast on Attayef or Qattayef. I share that recipe step-by-step in this vlog - spoiler alert, they turned out delicious! Would definitely recommend making them.

My videos are meant to shed light on what mom life can be like some times. It's not always as glamorous as others paint it out to be, but it is always beautiful in its own right. That's the life of a mom in a nutshell.

Here I try to share things on my mom blog/lifestyle blog that are relevant to my day to day life as a muslim mom.