Day In The life: First Day Of Ramadan

Fasting Ramadan has proven to be a challenge as a busy stay at home muslim mama. Hey Everyone and Ramadan Mubarak to all those celebrating!

This is my first year back to fasting ramadan as a stay at home mom and if you're a mom, you know it ain't easy. I didn't get the chance t fast while pregnant due to a medical condition in my pregnancy called, HG. Which in turn affected my blood pressure, as I would become faint when not eating. Then I exclusively pumped and had a clinical low supply (related to my thyroid) and again didn't fast. Which is spiritually difficult, because I love fasting and I missed this feeling of Ramadan. I discussed briefly a situation that happened with my baby and will keep you guys posted. I'm kind of keeping it on the low until I have more information about it. I know you'll all respect that.